Agency page management

Once you have access to your agency page, you can manage and update various aspects of your agency's profile. Here’s a guide to help you navigate these features:

What You Can Do:

  • Update Contact Information and Office Details: Keep your agency’s contact details and office information current.
  • Manage Team Information: Add and update details of team members.
  • Add Artists to the Roster: Include new artists in your agency's roster.
  • Update Representation Details: Specify the representation details for each artist, including the individual agents managing them.
  • Handle Pending Requests: Accept or decline requests from artists who have listed your agency as their representative.
  • Request Access to Artists’ Profiles: Gain access to manage profiles of artists your agency represents.
  • Overview of Pending Updates: Monitor and review the number of pending updates for each artist’s profile.
  • Remove Artists from the Roster: Remove artists who are no longer represented by your agency.

Editing Your Agency Information:

  1. Edit Agency Details:
    • Click on "Edit Agency" to update contact details, office information, and team members.
  2. Adding Offices:
    • Click "Add Another Office" and fill in the details.
    • The information added will be visible to all Operabase users, including organisations and casting teams.
  3. Adding Team Members:
    • Click "Add Another Contact" and enter the details of the team member.
    • You can add multiple team members to each office location.
    • You have the option to adjust the visibility settings for each team member.