Artist Premium Profile overview

With 10,000 unique searches on our casting tool, Operabase enhances artists visibility towards casting professionals around the world. Available in over 30 languages and used by 3 million people globally, the platform connects you to artistic directors, managers, audience members and more.
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This is what you can do with an Operabase Artist Premium profile:

  • Ensure that your performance history is complete (you can always retire a role in your repertoire) - casting professionals browse your career progression
  • Add future performances, livestreams and VOD - incredibly useful for audience members searching for both live performances and video content to stream
  • Request changes to red masked performances
  • Submit changes to grey masked performances
  • Add videos that will be displayed on your profile including an intro showreel (replaces the cover image if selected and engages audience member)
  • Add an audition showreel which is useful for casting professionals and demonstrates your range and career trajectory
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