Casting Tool

We have enhanced our Casting Tool to streamline the casting process and facilitate finding the perfect talent efficiently.

With improved search filters and columned results, casting professionals can save time & easily narrow down their search.

Accessing the Casting Tool: 

After logging in, click on "Casting Tool" to be redirected to the Casting Tool, where you can initiate your search.

Initiating a Search: 

Enter the details of the works you're looking for - composer, musical work, date, and country. Click "Go" to initiate the search.

Columned Search Results: 

The search results are now presented in columns, making it easier to read and comprehend the details of the cast, crew, and other roles associated with the production.

Expanding Results View: 

You can expand the view to see more details on an artist. This will show the production dates, Operabase verified red mask icon, the organisation that produced the production, orchestra and chorus information (if available), director and conductor, and the cast involved. Additionally, you will see the artist's specific performance dates, venue/stage, and information indicating the dates the artist performed in that particular production.

Utilising Filters: 

The Casting Tool offers various filters to further narrow down your search:

  • Language: You can filter artists based on their language proficiency, ensuring they are suitable for performances in specific languages. This filter helps you find artists who are well-versed in the required language for a particular production.
  • Conductor & Director: Narrow your search by selecting the conductor or director who led the production.
  • Cast Performed With: Find artists based on the artists they have performed with in the past.
  • Company, Festival, Venue & Locations: Use these filters to refine your search based on the companies, festivals, venues, or locations where the artists have performed. Using these filters allows you to identify those who have performed at specific companies / festivals and in specific venues. This helps in selecting artists with relevant experience for a particular production or performance setting.

Adding Another Role: 

After performing your initial search and selecting a cast member, crew, or other role, you can further filter your search by adding another role. 

  1. Click on "Add another role," and a pop-up will appear, allowing you to specify the relationship between the roles (performed both roles, either role, or not done role). After making your selection, click "Next," and enter the details of the next musical work. 
  2. Continue to select cast, crew, or other roles and click "Go" to view the list of artists based on your specified criteria.

Sorting Results: 

You can also sort your results by the artist’s last name or by the performance date by using the sorting options on the right above your search results.


Operabase's enhanced Casting Tool provides casting professionals with efficient and effective search filters, columned results, and the option to add multiple roles for more targeted searches. By utilising these features, casting directors can find the perfect talent for their productions quickly and easily.