Casting Tool FAQs

What is the Casting Tool?

The Operabase Casting Tool is the leading tool in the industry for future season planning, last-minute replacements and jump-ins. There are over 10,000 searches per month for talent discovery and programming.

Can anyone use the casting tool?

Access to the Casting Tool is via a paid subscription. You can see our pricing plans here.

What are the benefits of using the Casting Tool?

The Operabase casting tool is built on the world's largest and most reliable database of operatic and other performing arts activity. Developed over 23 years, the Operabase casting tool provides a reliable, constantly updated, multilingual, simple and efficient system for casting professionals across the world. Featuring verified performance information of casts and crew with direct links to profiles for either a quick or a more detailed review of information on repertoire, performances, career and voice type, videos and photos of performances and showreels, reviews, contact and representation information. The results can be sorted and filtered as desired, simplifying the process of putting together a cast or finding a last-minute replacement.

Artist managers / Agencies are featured on the casting tool alongside the artists that they represent.