Edit/ manage your Profile & Contact details

Name tab:

- Click on the fields to edit the spelling of your name and add a stage name or alias (optional) - Click "Save & Next" when done

Profession tab:

- Click the dropdown arrow to select your voice type or profession - Click "Save & Next" when done

Digital presence tab:

- Click on "Digital presence" to edit your phone number and email address; to add a personal website, other social media presence, and to add a link to your page on your agency's or theatre company's website

Adding a phone number and email address:

- Click on the flag icon and select your country (the dial code will show in the field after which you can enter your phone number)

- Click on the "enter email" field and type or paste your email address

- You have the option to change the visibility settings on your phone number and/ or email address

- Click the dropdown arrow and select your preferred visibility option

Adding a personal website, social presence, and agency/ theatre company link:

- Click on the field you want to edit and paste the link

- Click "Save & Next" when done