Getting Started

To make changes to information displayed on your page you will need to login to your account and click on edit.

Login to Operabase and click on your image / avatar / initials on the top right

Click on the > next to your profile name. This will redirect you to your agency page.

With edit access, you can:

  • View page (see the pages as other users view it)
  • Share access
  • Edit agency (contact, office, team)
  • Add artists to the roster
  • Update the representation details of each artists and individual agents handling each artist

Edit agency

Click on Edit agency to update your contact details, office information and team members.

You can add multiple offices and the team members who work in those offices.

To add an office:

  • Click Add another office and add the details

The information you add here will be visible to all Operabase users including companies and casting professionals.

To add a team member:

  • Click Add another contact and add the details of that particular team members
  • You can add as many team members to an office location as you would like
  • You also have the ability to determine the visibility settings of the team members

Add artists to the roster

To add artists to your roster:

  • Click on Add artists to the roster
  • Type the artist’s name in the search bar and select their name from the list of suggestions (if the artist is not on the system, you will need to add them. See more details here)
  • If you represent the artist in a profession other than what is marked as their primary profession, click on Add another profession and select the profession / voice type in which you represent the artist. Please note that when you add a new profession to an artist that you represent, this change does not reflect on the artist’s profile. It will only be visible on your roster.
  • Proceed by clicking, Validate. You will be redirected to specify the representation details as well as select the profession that you want displayed alongside the artist’s name on your roster.
  • Please add the artist’s email address / phone number so that they receive an email notifying them of the addition to your roster.
  • Fill in the details to indicate territories in which you represent the artist and if you are their general manager, select the checkbox

  • Select an agency representative from the section below. You will need to have added a team member in order for their names to be searchable in the field.

  • Once complete, click Update and the artist will be listed on your roster.

Edit artist on roster

The artists on your roster are listed by voice type after which the creative team / crew follow.

You can edit the representation details of the artists on your roster and delete them from the roster if you no longer represent the artist.

Click on Edit to update representation and the bin icon to remove the artist from your roster.

Show additional agencies is particularly useful for casting professionals to determine which agency they would need to contact in order to contract the artist.