How do I register for an Artist profile on Operabase?

Registering for an artist profile on Operabase ensures you join the community that consists of over 100,000 artists, + 3000 companies, +600 festivals, +500 agencies and 2 million users around the globe. Once your artist profile is complete, it will be visible to our 2 million global opera audience members and professional users of Operabase in 34 languages.

Add your most recent performances to be listed on your profile

Please provide details of your most recent performances that you would like displayed on your artist profile on Operabase. A valid performance is required to make your profile visible. This information is verified by our information specialist team. You can request a red mask separately through your active subscription. These performances are crucial for our professional members and artistic administration teams who conduct 10,000 searches per month for future season planning and last minute replacements.

To register as an artist on Operabase:

  • Go to
  • You can either use Google, Facebook or Apple to register or use your email address
  • If you choose to use your email, add your first name, last name and email then accept the terms and conditions. Click Proceed.
  • Select the category that describes you
  • Select your profession
  • Add a website link / social media link which we will use to update your profile
  • Upload a photo and video to be added to your profile
  • Provide details of your most recent performance and any additional comments. Please note that in order for Operabase to make your profile visible on the platform, you will need to have at least one performance listed
  • Add your billing details and payment method to start your 30-day free trial (you will not be charged to start a free trial)
  • Once the process is complete you will be redirected to your profile where you can add, edit and hide information
  • Please follow the onboarding steps to set up your password which you will use to log in to your profile.