Manage your seasons

How to add/edit your season information on Operabase Professional

    • While logged into your account, click on “Edit Season PRO” in the section labeled “Companies” in the sidebar menu on the left side.
    • In the window that opens, you will see the season edit tool
    • In the upper part, the name of your company should already be displayed in the text box. Underneath your company name you can choose the season you would like to manage from the drop down menu
    • Right underneath that there are three large icons. Click the one on the left to show details for all productions in this season, and click the one on the right ,that looks like a calendar page, to show the days of the week for all performances
    • You will find the options to manage this particular season directly next to each production title.
        • Click the pen and paper symbol Operabase Editto edit the details of this production
        • Click the rectangle with the arrow to the right to open this productions public page
        • Click on the plus sign in a circle Operabase Add to add this production again for another run
        • Click on the eye symbol to show this production publicly
        • Click on the crossed out eye symbol to make this production only visible to Operabase Professional members, but not the general public
        • Click the red crossed out eye symbol to hide this production completely from public view (this can be useful when you are preparing a season, but are not ready to go public with your schedule yet)
        • Click on the trash bin symbol to delete the production