Managing reviews/publications on your artist profile

Login to your account, navigate to your artist profile. At the top right corner, underneath your cover photo click on "Edit" > "Profile & Contact details"

Reviews & Publications tab: (Login > Edit > Profile & Contact details > Reviews & Publications)

On the main image page, you will see all your reviews/ publications in a list form. You have the options to add; change the visibility settings; add details, and delete reviews.

Adding reviews and publications

- Click on "Add Review/Publication +”, insert the publication weblink and complete all fields 

- To link the review/ publication to a specific production: -

 Click the checkbox labelled "Is this review/ publication from a specific performance or production?” 

- From the list displayed, select a performance/ production or; 

- Type in the search bar above your listed schedule and performance history 

- Once you have identified the performance to which you want to link the review/ publication, click on "See more" to view details of that performance then click on the orange "Select" button 

- Click "Save" when you're done

Adding details to reviews and publications

- Click on "Add details" on the review/ publication you wish to edit and make the changes

- To link the review/ publication to a specific production - follow the steps detailed in "Adding reviews and publications"

Deleting a review/ publication

- To delete a review/ publication, click on the red bin

- Select "Delete" to permanently erase the review/ publication or "Cancel" to go back

To view all your changes click on the blue ‘View page’ button at the top right corner of your screen.