Managing videos on your artist profile

Login to your account, navigate to your artist profile. In the top right corner, underneath your cover photo click on "Edit" > "Profile & Contact details"

Video tab: (Login > Edit > Profile & Contact details > Video)

On the main video page, you will see all your videos in a list form. You have the options to add videos; change the visibility settings of your videos; add details to videos; and delete videos.

Adding videos

- You have the option to upload or paste a weblink when adding videos

- Click on "Add video +”

- For the weblink option, paste the weblink then click “Add”

- For the upload option, click “Upload media” and select the video from your computer, click “Open” and the video will be uploaded

- Set the visibility to your preference using the dropdown arrow in the “Visibility” tab (please note that videos will automatically be saved as public unless specified otherwise)

Adding details to your video

Click on "Add details" to input information on a video

- You can select the video type, give your video a title and tag the video

- To tag, type the name of the artist you wish to tag or select from the list of options displayed by using the dropdown arrow

- To link the video to a specific production, click the checkbox labelled "Is this video from a specific performance or production?"

- From the list displayed, select a performance or type in the search bar

- Once you have identified the performance to which you want to link the video, click on "See more" to view details of that performance then click "Select"

- Click "Save" when you're done

Deleting a video

- To delete a video, click on the red bin

- Select "Delete" to permanently erase the video or "Cancel" to go back

To view all your changes click on the blue ‘View page’ button in the top right corner of your screen.