Managing your videos

You can add various types of videos to your Operabase artist profile. These videos are categorised into different sections to help you organise and display your work effectively.

1. Understanding Video Categories:

  • Livestream & Full Performance Videos: These are recordings of your live performances or full-length productions.
  • Intro Showreel: Displayed on your media widget and is the first impression when people visit your profile
  • Audition Showreels: Videos showcasing your audition performances, tailored to highlight your skills and versatility for casting professionals
  • Video Clips & General Profile Videos: Short clips or general videos showcasing your performances or behind-the-scenes moments.
  • Production Videos: Videos associated with specific productions in which you have participated, linked to the company production page.


  • You can control the visibility of your videos using the SHOW/HIDE toggle. This allows you to choose which videos are displayed to people visiting your profile.
  • However, please note that production videos cannot be edited as they are linked to specific productions and are managed through the associated company's page.

3. Displaying Videos on the Media Widget:

  • If you want a video to appear on the media widget of your overview page, ensure that you have uploaded it to your Intro Showreel section and marked it to SHOW.
  • Follow these steps:
    • Log in to your Operabase profile and click on "Edit."

    • Navigate to the "Videos" tab and click "Add video" in the "Intro showreel" section.

    • Upload your video from your device or paste a URL, then click "Add."

    • Make sure to set the visibility of the intro showreel to SHOW. The first intro showreel will be designated as the cover video, which will be prominently displayed on your profile.