Organisation Info

This section allows you to provide detailed information about your organisation to enhance your visibility and engagement with our global audience.

In this section, you can provide the following information:

Organisation name

You can add your organisation's name in multiple languages to increase visibility through our search function (e.g. Wiener Staatsoper - Vienna State Opera, Staatsoper Unter den Linden - Berlin State Opera). 

Click on "Add another" to include additional languages.

Organisation logo

Update your organisation logo in this section. This logo is displayed on your homepage and is visible to all users visiting your page.

Cover photo

This photo appears at the top of your profile page in the media widget. If you prefer to feature a video, you can do so using the "Video about your organisation” section.

Interior photos

Share images of the venue's interior. These photos will appear on both your organisation's page and the venue's page.

Exterior photos

Share images of the venue's exterior. These photos will also be displayed on both your page and the venue's page.

Video about your organisation

Add a video that showcases your organisation. This video will be featured in the media widget on your organisation's page. You can upload a video directly or paste a link. Fill in the details and save your changes.

About the Organisation:

Provide a brief description of your organisation, visible on your organisation's page and under the "About" tab. You can add descriptions in multiple languages to cater to a global audience. Click "Add description" to insert text, "Edit" to make changes, the bin icon to delete, and adjust privacy settings as desired.


List all venues associated with your organisation, including those owned, managed, or frequently used for performances. These venues will appear under the "Venues" tab on your page and in the Operabase search where users can find productions by venue.

  • Mark this venue as default: Designate a primary venue where productions primarily occur. When adding a production to your season, this venue will be automatically selected unless another venue is specified.
  • Add Venue: Search for existing venues in the Operabase database before adding a new one. Select the country, city, and type the venue name to see matching results.

Associated Organisations: 

Link other organisations associated with yours by clicking "Add organisation." You can manage multiple organisations in this section. This information will appear under the media widget on your page and link to the associated organisation's Operabase page.