Overview of your Operabase Professional Agency page

"Login to your account, navigate to your agency profile. You will see four main action buttons on your toolbar - "View Page",  "Share Access", "Edit Agency" and "Add artists to the roster"

As you scroll down, you will see your office details (address, contact details and team members) followed by your full roster, ordered by voice type. Artists with an Operabase Pro account will have a profile photo displayed.

1. Click "View Page" to view your agency profile as others see it

2. Click "Share access" to delegate management of your Operabase agency page to employees within your organisation. Each employee will be required to log in with their email address and set a unique password. 

3. Click "Edit Agency" to update your contact details, offices, and employees

4. Click "Add artists to the roster" to add artists to your roster

How do I edit my agency page?

- Click on "Edit Agency”

- Edit your agency name and website in the corresponding fields

Adding/Removing an office or employee

Adding an office or employee:

- Click on "Add another office”

- Complete all fields - "General email", "Office address", "Country" and "City" are mandatory. The details provided here are the general office details and not employee contact details

- Under "Contact details of your team" click on "Add another contact”

- Complete all fields - "Contact person full name" and "Direct email" are mandatory

- Repeat this step if you have multiple employees working from that office

Deleting an office or employee:

- Click on the red bin and confirm your selection by clicking "Yes, delete". Please note if you delete an office, it will delete all employees listed under that office

- Click “Save"

How do I add artists to my roster?

- Click "Add artists to the roster”

- Type in the name of the artist you wish to add in “Search by Artist Name"

If the artist exists on Operabase:

- Select the artist name once the list of suggestions shows up - the artist's names and voice type or profession will autofill in the next step

- Should you want to represent the artist in a different capacity compared to their listing on Operabase, select the manner in which you’d like them to be listed on your profile. This will not affect the artist’s profile, it will simply list the artist in the capacity specified

- Click on "Validate" to add or "Cancel" to go back to the artist search option

- Once you click “Validate” you will have the option to define the artist representation details (see the section titled “How do I add/ edit artist representation details?”)

If the artist does not exist on Operabase:

- Click "Add new artist”

- Type in the artist's names and select their voice type or profession then click “Validate”

- Click "Create and add to roster" (please verify that the artist doesn't already exist on Operabase by checking the suggested options)

- You will have the option to define the artist representation details (see section titled “How do I add/ edit artist representation details?”)

How do I add/ edit artist representation details?

- On the artist whose representation details you want to add/ edit, click on “Edit”

- Fill in the artist's email and phone number (optional)

- Click the checkbox if you are their General manager

- Select the opera exclusive/ non-exclusive regions/ countries and concert exclusive/ non-exclusive regions/ countries. Use the dropdown arrows for this purpose.

- Assign an "Agency Representative" using the dropdown arrow. If the artist has more than one representative, click "Add another agency representative" and select

- Click "Update"

What other options are available on my artist roster?

- Artists with an Operabase pro account will have a profile photo displayed. For artist’s with a pro profile, you will have the option to "Request access", "Edit" and “Delete"