Performance FAQs

Can I send you my performance updates for you to add to my profile?

We encourage subscribers to add performances to their profile directly to avoid any delays.
Add performances directly by going to the edit section of your profile.

What do the masks on performances indicate?

We have grey and red masks on productions listed on Operabase.

These masks differentiate between verified (red mask) and unverified (grey masks) performances.

Only artists with an annual Operabase Artist Premium subscription may request red masks

What's the difference between a red mask and grey mask?

Red masks indicate that a performance has been verified either by the arts organisation or the Operabase team.
Performances with red masks are visible across the platform and on the Casting Tool.
Grey masks are performances that have been directly added by either an artist or agency.
Performances with grey masks are only visible on the artist's profile.

How do I get a red mask on a performance?

Artists with an annual Operabase Artist Premium subscription can use the request a red mask feature on the performance that they'd like verified.
You will then need to upload the necessary documentation. 

To request red masks on your performance:
1. Log in your to Operabase account
2. Click on Edit
3. Navigate to the Performance credits tab
4. Search for the production you'd like to have validated with a red mask or narrow your search using the "Published: Grey Mask" icon
5. Click on Request Red Mask
6. Upload the material to enable us to process your validation request.

Please note that the verification process can take some time while we review the information uploaded.


What proof / evidence must I provide in order to get a red mask?

In order to approve your red mask request, we require evidence of the production that includes:

  • Official branding of the producer/producing company or entity (if there is one);
  • The full cast and crew list; and
  • Details of the venue, dates and times of the performances.

This evidence can be in the form of:

  • A URL (website link) to the production

Please note: a link to the website of the producing company is not enough, it must be to the production itself, a page with the full cast & crew list for the production, the venue, dates and times etc.

  • A programme for the production

Please note: this must be an official production programme with the official branding of the producing company.

Whilst you may provide us with an official contract between you, the artist or crew member, and the production company, as evidence of your involvement (which can be helpful if you were a cover role not listed in the official programming), this alone is not sufficient information to validate a production as a red mask production. This is because we require full details of the production cast & crew, venue, dates, and times of the production performances, which are generally not all covered in the individual artist/crew contracts, so you will also need to provide a programme and/or URL as required above. 

Why aren't some of my productions visible on my profile?

If you've added a production to your schedule and it does not appear immediately, this is because it needs to be validated by our team.

Once the validation is complete, the production should be visible unless we are unable to find sufficient evidence of your participation.

Please provide any additional documentation (website, programme, review etc.) that will help us verify your participation in the production.

Do I get access to archived data with my subscription?

No. Archive access is not part of the Operabase Artist Premium subscription. You will only see the past 2 seasons, the current season and future season for all profiles on Operabase.

If you would like archive access, which is a separate subscription, please email us on