Photo FAQs

What is the media widget and how do I control what appears? 

The media widget appears at the top of your profile and features your profile photo, video or cover photo and a section that redirects to your photo and video gallery. 

It is a collection of media files that you have uploaded to your profile and also contains photos and videos of productions in which you have participated. With an Operabase Artist PRO subscription, you can decide if an image or video of production that you were featured in should appear on your profile. 

Why do my images look bad?  

Check the size of the originally uploaded file. If it’s too small, this can result in a blurry / pixelated photo.

Why are my images stretched / cropped? 

Images added to Operabase need to fit the design guidelines. If not, then the images are stretched or cropped.

Recommendations for cover photo: 

  • Width: 1024px,
  • Height: 256px,
  • Width to Height ratio should be min 4:1

Recommendation for profile and poster photo: 

  • Width to Height ratio should be min 2:3.

If the aspect ratio falls outside these recommendations, there will be a slight stretch or crop applied to the photo. The aspect ratio refers to the relation between width and height of an image. The width is written first then the height. The optimal Operabase cover photo size should have a width to height ratio of 4:1 (i.e. the width of the cover image is 4 times that of the height). The optimal Operabase profile and poster photo size should have a width to height ratio of 2:3 (i.e. the width of the profile or poster image is 1 times less than that of the height).

Why can’t I edit / delete some of the photos on my profile?

The photos section is divided into Profile photos and Production photos.

If you have a subscription, you will be able to determine which photos are displayed on your profile by navigating to the Photos section.

Under the Profile photos section, you can:

  • Show / Hide photos
  • Delete photos
  • Edit photos

Under the Production photos section, you can:

  • Show / Hide photos
Photos in this section cannot be edited / deleted as they are attached to a production in which you participated and are automatically linked to your profile via the company page.

Where do I mention photographer credits? 

You can use field description or photo title to attribute a photographer. Please note that this field can not be left empty, therefore it is auto-populated by default with the Composer and Musical work name of the production, where applicable.

unnamed-2Why do I need to add photo or video details? 

There are various reasons why it is a good practice to add a description to a media file uploaded on the internet. This makes the content discoverable online, and allows for generating a meta description of the uploaded media file, which in turn helps machines to read out visual content to people with visual impairments browsing the internet.