Production page

Production Pages: A Guide to New Features

We have introduced updates to our production pages, providing users with a more interactive and informative experience. The new features include share options, a prominent ticket button and restructured content, making it easier for users to explore productions in-depth.

Visual Enhancements and Share Options: 

Upon opening a production page, you will find images and videos related to the production at the top. Additionally, a share button has been introduced, allowing you to share the production with others via copy link, email, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Ticket Purchase Made Easier: 

The tickets button is now more prominent and visible. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to the box office ticketing website, where you can conveniently purchase tickets for the production.

Accessing the organisation’s Operabase page and official website: 

On the production page, you can easily visit the organisation's Operabase page and their official website for further details.

Performance Details: 

The production page provides a clear listing of the range of dates on which the production is scheduled. Information on the performance language and any available subtitles is displayed, making it convenient to identify language options.

Verification Indication: 

The presence of a red mask indicates that the information on this production has been verified by Operabase, ensuring reliability and accuracy.

Restructured Cast and Crew Listing: 

The cast and crew are now listed under a dedicated "Credits" section. This section includes the producer, conductor, and stage director details, followed by the cast and crew (set designers, costume designers, etc.). Performers' specific dates are also mentioned under each performer.

About Section and Further Reading: 

An "About" section is now available on the production page, providing details about the production. Clicking "See all" redirects you to a page with a production synopsis (if available) and links for further reading on the composer, musical work, and the organisation producing the work.

Videos and Photos: 

Videos are displayed after the About section. Click "See more" to access additional videos. The photos section functions similarly, where clicking "See more" reveals more photos.

Performance Dates and Venues: 

Operabase has reintroduced its calendar feature, offering toggling between calendar view and venue view. The calendar view plots the production dates on the calendar, and below, you can view specific details for each date, including venues and performance times. 

The venue view provides in-depth information about each production date's venue, and clicking on the map redirects you to the venue page on Operabase. The total number of production dates is also indicated, and clicking "See all" provides an expanded view of all dates.