Operabase hosts the world’s largest production rental database, showcasing productions (sets, costumes, scores) available for rent.

 This database is accessed by a global professional audience seeking production rentals or co-productions. Contact information for rentals is provided by companies, theatres, and festivals.

How to use Rentals

To list a production as available for rent:

  1. Log in to your Operabase account.
  2. Click on "Edit."
  3. Navigate to the Rentals tab.
  4. Select the production you wish to list.
  5. Use the toggle button to change the setting to "Available for rent."
  6. Specify what is available for rent - sets, costumes, and/or scores.
  7. Indicate the contact person responsible for handling rentals at your organisation by selecting “"Show Contact Details."

This feature enables organisations to easily manage and promote their productions for rental, connecting them directly with potential renters worldwide.