Repertoire FAQs

How do I add to my repertoire?

Your repertoire is auto-generated from your performance history.
Operabase PRO subscribers have the option to add future repertoire via the Add future repertoire button.
Read more about repertoire here.

Why are there roles missing from my repertoire?

Please ensure that the performance is added to your schedule and not in the drafts folder.
Check that the performance has dates and your performances dates have been selected.
Read more about repertoire here.

What is future repertoire?

Operabase Artist PRO subscribers can add up to 5 roles in this section. 
This can be a combination of prepared (ready to debut) and unprepared roles to help you highlight the direction you wish your career to progress. All future repertoire entries will be automatically moved to Repertoire when the same role appears in your schedule as a past engagement.
Read more about repertoire here.