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Seasons (Overview)

Click on "Seasons" to view all the productions that we have on file for your organisation. You can filter them by view (published or drafts), season or search by musical work title. 

Actions available on productions:

- Click on the arrow next to "Published" or “Drafts” to view more details about a particular production

- You can "Edit", add "Media" or "Mark this production as cancelled"

- Click "Edit" to make changes to the production details, cast and crew, dates, digital events and media & synopsis

- Click “Media" to be directed to the media section of this production (here you can add a synopsis, images and videos)

- Click "Mark this production as cancelled" to cancel all dates of that production

- Should you wish to un publish a production from your season, please contact us (contact@operabase.com)

Adding a production:

- Click on "Add a production”

- There is a 5-step process to complete (see "How do I add a production to my company profile?”)

- Once you complete the process, your production will automatically save to "Drafts"

- Click on the dropdown arrow next to “Drafts" in the production you have just added to confirm the details

- Click “Publish” and confirm your selection by clicking "Publish" or "Cancel" to go back