Show / Hide

Show / Hide helps Artist Premium, PR Pro & Operabase Professional subscribers to choose whether they would like to show or hide specific information on Operabase.

All new information that has been added to Operabase, that is connected to an artist’s profile or art’s organisation page, will create a “Pending action” notification. This feature prompts you to be more active with your profile and to take ownership of what is displayed. 

Productions published by companies and festivals on their Operabase pages are simultaneously published to artists' profiles who are listed as part of the cast and crew. This includes all related media (videos, photos, review) from the production. Productions published by companies and festivals on their Operabase pages appear on artist profiles as a validated production with a red mask icon. Operabase notifies artists/artist managers of new additions to their profiles, via email, and requests that they review the new information and determine if they’d like to make it visible or hidden on their profile. (Click here to register your artist profile)

All newly added information is indicated by notifications above the sections that need to be reviewed. Click on the relevant tab and for quick navigation to the new / updated information, click “Review now.” The newly added information will be blurred out and you will see an “eye” icon which indicates if a new item is visible by default or hidden prior to your review. After you click “Review now” the information will no longer be blurred and you will be able to see what has been added. You can then use the show / hide toggle to determine what you’d like visible on your profile.

The default visibility of all production-related media (videos, photos and reviews added to the production) is set to "Hide". This ensures that media content associated with productions in which an artist participated remains hidden until the artist adjusts the visibility settings. Artists with active Operabase Artist Premium subscriptions or agents with artist profile access have the ability to adjust the visibility settings in the edit section. This feature allows artists to determine which media appears on their profile.

Exception for Trailers:

Trailers of productions that an artist was involved in will be visible by default, ensuring that they are prominently displayed on Operabase.

Paid subscribers and non-paid subscribers:

Operabase automatically adds media associated to productions you were involved in to your profile which saves you time by sharing all related media content across all participants. However, you as an artist can choose if a video, photo or review that doesn’t feature you should be shown or hidden on your artist profile.

Artists with paid subscriptions can manage and control the content that they choose to add to their profiles. This offers greater customisation options as they can decide to show / hide specific media content.

For artists who have discontinued their subscription, they can still access the edit section for videos, photos, and reviews. However, they will be unable to show any content until they upgrade to a paid account again.

Please note that the show / hide toggle is visible on most sections of your profile. The ability to show / hide is determined by the type of subscription you have.