Show / Hide FAQs

What is the show / hide toggle?

The show / hide feature on Operabase is visible in most sections on your artist profile. It allows you to control how your profile is displayed to those visiting your profile.

Subscribers have the option to customise an artist page by showing / hiding any productions, videos, photos and reviews, published by companies and festivals. When a subscription lapses, you will no longer be able to customise your profile with show / hide of productions, videos, photos and reviews for productions in which you were involved. All verified information provided by companies and festivals will continue to show on an artist page. All customisations are saved and can be reactivated with a subscription. 

Why can’t I see the show / hide toggle?

The show / hide toggle is visible on most sections of your profile. However, it will not appear if you have not yet reviewed new information added (click “review” and see the show / hide toggle) and in the following instances:

  • Productions that are “pending validation” of the companies and festival listed on Operabase cannot be made visible
  • Productions that have not been validated (red mask), will still be visible on your artist profile page with a (grey mask), if you have an active subscription with Operabase. 

Please note that the ability to customise a profile with show / hide information in certain sections is determined by the type of subscription you have. 

Why should I review associated media (photos, videos, reviews)?

The purpose of the visibility settings is to provide artists with a more accurate and focused representation of their careers on Operabase. By selecting the media that aligns with your professional goals, you can curate your profile to showcase your most significant performances and achievements.

Why can’t I delete certain videos, photos and reviews?

Production related media (videos, photos and reviews) cannot be deleted directly from the corresponding tab on your profile, you need to submit an edit that will be reviewed by Operabase. However, depending on your subscription, you can show / hide this media using the show / hide toggle.

To change / edit production media:

  1. Find the production under your performance list and submit a change request.