Agency Page FAQs

How do I know if our agency has an existing Operabase page?

Head to

You can search your agency name under Search managers.

How can I get in touch about our page?

You can register and subscribe to Operabase Agency Casting Tool PRO.

You can claim your agency page by subscribing to Operabase.

Please send an email to our Customer Support Team on

I found our page on Operabase. How do I gain access to it?

You will need to register on Operabase to gain access to your page.

Who can I share access with?

You can share access with anyone in your agency.

Please note that whomever you share access with will be able to edit all details on your page.

What are the benefits of sharing access?

Sharing access to your page allows another individual to ensure your roster and agency details are up-to-date.

This is crucial for those viewing your page in order to contact an artist on your roster.