Agency Page FAQs

How do I know if our agency has an existing Operabase page?

Head to

You can search your agency name in the top search bar.

How does a casting professional / artistic director find my contact for artists they are casting? 

Casting professionals and artistic directors can easily find your contact details through the Operabase Casting Tool. When Casting teams click on your agency name on the Operabase Casting Tool, they are redirected to your Operabase agency roster page, where they can view your entire artist roster, office details, contact information, members of your team, and the agency representative and representation information for each artist.

Your agency contact information and representation details are also visible on the Artist page when viewed from the Casting Tool. The information displayed includes the agent representing the artist, their contact details and the representation information.

How can I ensure accuracy in my agency information on the Casting Tool?

To maintain accuracy, please regularly update your artist roster, ensuring that representation details and individual artist contact information are up to date. To update your agency information, click here.

How can I display my agency details on an artist’s public overview page?

To display your agency details on an artist’s public overview page, follow these steps:

If you have access to your artist’s profile:

  1. Log in to your account and select the artist whose profile you wish to update
  2. Click on the "Edit" button next to the artist's name on your roster
  3. Once you’re on the artist’s profile, click on “Edit”
  4. Navigate to the "Overview & Insights" tab
  5. Locate the "Agency representation" section
  6. Click the toggle button from "HIDE" to "SHOW"

If you do not have access to your artist’s profile, you will need to follow the steps below before being able to show the details on the artist’s public overview page:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. On your roster, locate the artist whose profile you want to update
  3. Click on “Request access”
  4. You will see a notification that grants 30-days free access to manage the artist’s profile

Who can I share access with?

You can share access with anyone in your agency.

Please note that whomever you share access with will be able to edit all details on your page.

What are the benefits of sharing access?

Sharing access to your page allows another individual to ensure your roster and agency details are up-to-date.

This is crucial for those viewing your page in order to contact an artist on your roster.