Edit Production Overview

Ensuring that your Operabase profile is current is essential for showcasing your career accurately. This includes adding missing performances and reviewing any new information added.

All your performances are listed under Performance Credits and you can add or edit existing productions in this section. This article provides an overview of each section:

1. Production Information

Include details about the musical work in this section.

  • Production Custom Title: Use this if the production includes more than 1 musical work. This is mandatory for double / triple bills, adaptations, concerts, recitals, galas, where the title of the production is different from that of the musical work.
  • Add the production genre and staging type
  • Programme information: add all musical works that are part of the programme in this section (you can use the "Programme not / partially announced" checkbox when the programme is yet to be announced or has been partially announced. This is particularly useful for concerts, galas, and recitals).
  • Produced By: indicate the organisation responsible for the production. If it's a co-production, add the names accordingly.
  • New Production Indicator: Selecting this checkbox highlights this production as new and attaches the New production tag which will appear across the platform and in exports to our partners (magazines, newspaper, journalists).
  • Language & Surtitles: Adding the language that a work is performed as well as surtitles available helps audience members determine whether or not they’ll be able to understand the performance. For casting professionals, this helps them in seeing which languages an artist has experience in performing a musical work.

2. Production Poster & Trailer

This section helps boost engagement with audience members and lets them explore more content on the production in the video section on Operabase. 

Posters are necessary to announce any associated Livestreams and VOD. Trailers are visible on production pages and will be featured in production videos of all associated cast members, if they decide to show it. This in turn leads to additional visibility across various sections on Operabase. 

3. Tickets & Sale Dates

This is very useful for audience members who are looking to purchase tickets for the upcoming season. Please note that you can only add the generic box office link for that production and not for each performance date which will redirect users to the box office where they can select dates, times and seats.

4. Dates & Times of Performances, Livestreams, and VOD

Add physical performances, livestream, and full performance video/VOD dates and times.

Physical performance dates:

  • Select the month and year on the calendar and click each day of the performance. If there are several performances in one day you can add them later.
  • Select country, then city, then available venue from the listing. If you can’t find a venue listed, check if you have selected the correct city in the correct country. Otherwise, create a new venue.
  • Adding the correct country and city combination for live performances is crucial to correctly feature productions on Operabase performance listings as well as venue and map listings.
  • Specifying correct venues allows validated productions to be featured on the Operabase performance listings which is incredibly popular with performing arts lovers and other visitors of Operabase.

Livestream dates:

  • Select the month and year on the calendar and click each day of performance. If there are several streams in one day you can add them later.
  • Livestream cannot be featured on the Video section without a primary poster and website link to where the stream can be accessed as well as the time and timezone of livestream. 

Full performance video or VOD:

  • Used when the production is available on demand. 
  • Click Add full performance video and fill out as much information as possible.

Productions can have livestream and physical dates but you will need to specify the cast for every date you select.

To delete a date:

  • Click on the date on the calendar, or click the three vertical dots next to the date below and select Delete performance

To add time and venue:

  • Click on Edit on the dates you have selected (there are different tabs to switch between physical, livestream, and VOD)
  • Add the time (in 24hr format)
  • Choose type of performance -  world premiere, national premiere, tour
  • Choose a venue - type in the fields and select from the options. If the venue is not listed in the options given, you will need to add the venue to the system and provide as much information as possible so we can verify it.
  • Hosted by - only use when another company will host a performance / performances
  • Apply this same info for other selected dates - useful to copy the exact same information across all dates or several dates.

Adding another performance time to the same date:

  • If there are multiple performance times on a day, add a time then click Add time
  • You will need to fill in the details (as listed above) again as the will not carry over

To mark a date for an existing production as cancelled:

  • Click on the date on the calendar, or click the three vertical dots next to the date below and select Mark as cancelled
  • Please note that the dates cannot be marked as cancelled unless the production has been published. The Mark as cancelled option will not appear when the production is in drafts
  • Use the “Mark as sold out” slider to indicate if a performance is sold out
5. Cast & Crew

List all members involved in the production. This includes cast, crew, instrumentalists and ensembles (orchestras, choruses, ballets etc.)

  • If a role or profession doesn’t appear on the list, you will need to add it to the production
  • If there are multiple works in the production, make sure to click Apply to other musical works, if relevant. If not, then you will need to switch between tabs to add the cast, crew, instrumentalists and ensembles. 
  • Add to all performance dates - automatically adds that particular individual to all the dates that production is on. Please note that when you add a new artist, this box is automatically selected. If you are adding multiple artists to one role, only the first one will have this applied to them therefore uncheck the box when adding multiple artists to one role. 
  • Make sure to select all dates for the ensembles added in the Ensembles section
  • NOTE: Please ensure that you select each date that each artist will perform. If this is not done, the production won't appear in the schedule and it will not be included in the artist’s repertoire (see more about artist repertoire here). 
6. Production Videos

Include trailers and videos to enhance audience experience.

You can either paste a video link or upload a video.

Once done, please add as much information as possible including video credits. Please see more details in our video guidelines article.

7. Production Photos

Upload photos to give a visual representation of the production.

You can either paste a link or upload a photo

Once done, please add as much information as possible including photographer credits. Please see more details in our photo guidelines article.

8. Reviews

Add reviews to provide insights into the production's quality.

9. Production Synopsis

Include a brief overview and detailed synopsis of the production.

10. Production Booklet

Upload the programme, if available.


Quick Navigation

Use the Navigate option at the top to jump to specific sections for editing.

Here are some quick tips for production creation: 

  1. Add at least one musical work
  2. Specify what organisation has produced this production
  3. Add website URL about production and tickets
  4. Add all performance dates planned for production run, specify time and venue for each performance date
  5. Add everyone involved in production: at least conductor and stage director and main roles, mark on what performance dates they performed
  6. Click Publish