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Journalists & Academia FAQs

Here, you'll find answers to common questions related to using Operabase for research, reporting, and academic pursuits.

1. How can I use Operabase listings in my magazines, newspapers, blogs and social media? 

Operabase offers free access to accurate and verified data on past, current, and future performances. You can also request a tailored performance export to fit your needs.

2. How can I research past performances of artists, singers, festivals, young artist programs, ensembles, competitions, orchestras, choirs for the articles that I’m writing?

Journalists use Operabase as a reliable research tool. The data covers all performing arts activities since 1996, providing accurate and verified information.

3. How can I access Operabase statistical data of performing arts from 1996?

We offer a custom performance export. Please email us on contact@operabase.com to discuss your requirements.