Red mask productions

Understanding Red Masks on Operabase

Operabase offers a feature that helps to distinguish between verified and unverified performances through the use of red and grey masks. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to request a red mask, the performance verification process, and the significance of these masks on the platform.

Red and Grey Masks Explained:

Operabase employs red masks to signify verified performances, validated either by the arts organisation or the Operabase team. These verified productions are visible across the platform, including the Casting Tool. On the other hand, grey masks denote unverified productions added directly by artists or agencies, visible only on the artist's profile.

Requesting a Red Mask:

Available for Annual Subscribers Only

To request a red mask, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Operabase account and navigate to your profile Edit page under the Performance Credits tab.
  2. Locate the production you want to have validated with a red mask.
  3. Click on "Request red mask."
  4. Upload the necessary documentation to support your validation request.

Please note that the verification process may take some time as we review the information you uploaded. For red mask approval, we require evidence including official branding, full cast and crew list, and details of the venue, dates, and times of the performances. Please see here for more details.


1. What is Request Red Mask?

Artists with an Operabase Artist Premium Subscription - Annual plan can request a Red Mask to verify any production linked to their profile.

2. How can I request Red Mask?

Artists with an annual premium subscription can request a Red Mask for their performances. Utilise the "Request red mask" feature on the desired performance and submit the necessary documentation.

3. Is Request Red Mask a paid feature?

Request Red Mask is only available to artists with an annual subscription.

4. What is the difference between a red mask and a grey mask?

Red masks indicate verified productions visible across the platform. Grey masks represent unverified productions visible only on the artist's profile.

5. What evidence can I share while requesting a Red Mask?

Evidence includes official branding, full cast and crew list, and details of the venue, dates, and times. This can be in the form of a URL leading directly to the production page or a programme displaying the official branding.

6. Can agents request a Red Mask for artists in their roster?

Yes, agents can request a Red Mask for an artist in their roster if the artist's profile has an annual subscription.