Video FAQs

Why is there a video of someone else on my profile?

The images and videos that appear on your profile are from productions in which you have participated. Operabase auto-populates this section of your profile with either a video or photo from a production you were in. This is to avoid your profile being blank and is easily remedied.

Once you've logged in to your profile, you will need to select an image to be displayed as your profile photo and another photo to be displayed as your cover photo.

You have the option to add a video instead of a cover photo to be displayed across the top of your profile page. The video you select, needs to be added under the videos tab as an Intro showreel.

How do I delete the video that appears on my profile?

Operabase PRO subscribers can log in to their profiles, navigate to the video tab and hide / show, edit and delete any videos that they do not want on their profile.

If you do not have an Operabase PRO subscription, we can of course hide these videos. Please email us at

What sort of video would you recommend I add in my intro showreel?

Intro showreels are fairly audience-oriented as this is the first thing they'll see when they visit your profile.

We recommend adding a highlight of a live performance or an engaging video that you'd like to showcase to the 1.5 million visitors.

What is the audition showreel?

The audition showreel is more for professional users of Operabase.

This is where you can demonstrate your range of performances and career goals by adding videos that showcase your abilities.