Works on Operabase

Artists/creators of original works including composers, librettists and choreographers, can now add new musical works directly to their profile under the “Works” tab.

This feature enables them to showcase their compositions, operas, instrumental works, ballets, symphonies and more that are not yet listed on Operabase or have yet to be produced and performed. Please note that this section is for adding new musical works that you have created and not for submitting a missing musical work to Operabase.

To add a new musical work to your profile, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on the Edit button
  3. Navigate to the Works tab
  4. Click on Add new musical work
  5. Provide details about the new musical work (musical compositions or dance pieces). You'll need to provide the following information:
  • Composer
  • Title of the musical work
  • Librettist (if applicable)
  • Libretto details, references
  • Music work details: 
    • Type (for children, rare) 
    • Genre (opera, zarzuella etc.)
    • style of music 
  • Premiere information (date, location etc. if applicable, work can also be yet to be premiered)
  • Producer of premiere
  • Roles (if applicable) and voice-types required to be performed in Musical work 

6. Click on the Add button to save the new musical work to your profile.

After adding your musical work as a creator to your profile, you can further list productions where this musical work was featured if you have also been engaged in the production as cast, crew or instrumentalist. See  our article on adding a production

When your musical works are featured in productions, all past and upcoming performances of these productions will be featured under the Performances credits tab on your profile. 

By using this feature, creators like composers, librettists and choreographers can list their works and showcase works that are not yet performed.