Common search FAQs

Where can I watch opera online?

On Operabase:

  • You can watch live streams and full performance videos on Operabase.
  • Some content is paid and you will be redirected to the appropriate page for further viewing.
  • The live streams and full performance videos are added to the platform by arts organisations, artists, agents, audience members and verified by our team.

On CueTV:

  • CueTV is a live streaming and video-on-demand platform for the performing arts.
  • It contains an extensive catalogue of high-quality and high-definition opera, classical music and ballet productions from distinguished opera companies, festivals, and venues worldwide.

How can I live stream operas?

You can watch opera live streams on Operabase. 

Live streams may have limited availability. The details are indicated on the stream.

To watch operas on CueTV, click here.

How can I upload a live stream / full performance video?

To add a live stream / full performance video on Operabase:

  • Head to Operabase.
  • Click the add video button and submit via the form for our review (please note that validation can take some time)

If you have an existing Operabase profile:

  • Log in to your Operabase PRO account and go to your profile page.
  • Click Edit and select the Schedule tab.
  • Add your live stream or full performance video link directly to the production on your schedule. 

Do I need to pay to watch opera online?

We have both paid and free operas, ballets, concerts and plays across both Operabase and CueTV.

All operas that are available to watch on Operabase have an icon indicating if they are free streams or paid.

How do I access the videos?

You can access videos by clicking here and browsing our extensive catalogue of videos.

How long will the video be available to watch?

Dates of availability will be indicated on each video. For example, live streams are available on particular date and a particular time after which the video provider may make the video available to watch for free afterwards.

Can I watch videos and live streams across multiple devices?

This depends on what site the video is hosted on. For most videos, you can stream them on multiple devices such as smartphones, smartTVs or desktops.

Where can I watch an opera stream for free?

You can stream opera for free on Operabase. Some operas are available as paid streams and others as free streams. You will be redirected to the video hosting site once you select what you'd like to watch.

Are opera live streams available on Operabase?

Yes. You can watch live streams on Operabase by clicking here and browsing the various videos available.

Do opera videos have subtitles?

Yes. Some videos do have subtitles available. Once you've picked what you'd like to watch, you'll be able to see the source (hosting website of the video), whether it's a paid or free stream, the language the opera is performed in, subtitles available and devices on which you can watch.

How will I know who is in the opera?

We list the cast and creative team that is featured in that video.

Can I watch a trailer of the opera?

Yes. Some videos have accompanying trailers in addition to photos and reviews to help make your selection easier.

Which opera houses / theatres have operas to watch online on Operabase?

We have a wide range of videos that you can watch online. Live streams and video on demand are available from theatres such as The Met, Glyndebourne Festival, Wiener Staatsoper, Opéra national de Paris, The Royal Opera House and more.

Which operas are available to watch online?

There are loads of operas available to watch online. From lesser known operas to the more popular operas such as La traviata, Carmen, La bohème, Rigoletto, Madama Butterfly, Die Zaberflöte (The Magic Flute) and more.

Can I search for a particular opera to watch online?

Yes. You can use the search bar to look for a particular opera. Simply fill out the fields to narrow your search. Operabase will also display a list of suggestions once you begin typing.

Can I search videos by artist?

Yes. Use the search bar and narrow your search by artist. All videos that are available featuring that artist will be displayed in your search results.