Refer an artist

This feature enables artists with an active Operabase Artist Premium subscription to refer a colleague or friend in return for €10 credit. This credit will be applied automatically on your next renewal.

What is the "refer an artist" feature? 

Users on Operabase can refer an artist and provide a free subscription to other artists. You can refer those you have worked with and other friends / colleagues you’d like to invite to Operabase.

Can anyone refer an artist?

Only users with an active subscription can use this feature. 
Artists or agents managing artist profiles can invite other artists to Operabase.

Why can’t I see the "refer an artist" option?

You will need to ensure that your subscription is active and paid for to be able to use this feature. 
Artists on a free trial will not see this option. Artists with cancelled subscriptions can refer an artist; however, you will only receive the benefit of a 1-month free subscription after you have reactivated your subscription.

Why should I refer an artist?

Referring another artist benefits you as you are rewarded with €10 credit for each person you refer who accepts and starts their 30-day free access. Once your referral has been accepted by the user, you will receive €10 credit which will be applied on your next renewal.

Do I need to have an Operabase Artist Premium subscription?

Yes, only paid subscribers can refer another artist.

Can I refer an existing user?

No, you can only refer a new user.

How long will it take to get the €10 credit after I’ve referred an artist?

You will receive the €10 credit as soon as the new user has set up an account on Operabase.

Is there a limit to the number of referrals?

No. You can refer as many artists as you would like. For each artist you refer, who accepts your referral, you will receive €10 credit which will be applied on your next renewal.

How do I redeem the €10 credit after it has been accepted?

The €10 credit which will be applied on your next renewal. 

NOTE: You need to ensure that your existing subscription is active to receive the benefit. If your subscription has been cancelled, you will need to reactivate your subscription. The €10 credit will be applied after reactivation.

How can I track whether the referral has been accepted or pending?

Once you refer an artist, you can track the status below.

Track status

If you have sent a link to the user, it will be shown in the track status once the user registers using the link.

I have received a referral link. What should I do next?

A referral link allows you to register and claim your profile. Please follow the steps below to complete the process:

  • Click on the link to register on Operabase
  • Provide additional information to help us setup your profile.

I have received a referral link. Do I have to pay for the subscription?

No payment is required. You will receive 30-days free access to your artist profile. 
At the end of the 30-day period, you will need to add a payment method to keep your artist professional subscription active.

I have received a referral link. What can I do with my 30-day free access?

You can refer to our knowledge base to understand how to manage your artist profile.