Account and Action centre

Navigating Your Account and Action Centre

As an Operabase user, you have access to various tools and features that allow you to manage your profile / page, review notifications, and make updates. This article provides a clear overview of the options available in your account, action centre, and recently visited pages to help you efficiently navigate Operabase.

Your User Account

After logging in, you can find your user options by clicking on your avatar or initials in the top right corner. Here are the available options:

Update Profile / Page: 

  • Click on "Update profile / page" to be redirected to the edit section of your profile / page, where you can make changes and updates to your profile/organisation.


  • The "Notifications" section displays any pending notifications that you need to review. You can choose to show or hide information


  • The "Manage" option redirects you to your profile/page, allowing you to directly edit and make updates to your profile/organisation

Action Centre

The action centre provides a list of recommended actions to optimise your Operabase experience. Here are some of the key actions you might find:

Identity Verification: 

  • Verifying your identity is crucial to maintain data integrity and provide verified information to our 3 million visitors. Please see more details about the verification process.

Set Up Password: 

  • For added security, set up a password for your Operabase account to protect your account.

Go to Casting Tool: 

  • Subscribers with access to the Operabase Casting Tool can easily access it by clicking here for a seamless transition.

Show More: 

  • Expand the list of recommended actions to view additional tasks based on your profile/page status. These actions may include adding a profile photo, updating profile information, or adding representation details.

Recently Visited Pages 

The "Recently Visited Pages" section provides a convenient list of pages you recently visited, making it easy to revisit important information quickly.


If you need assistance while navigating your profile or page, you can access a selection of helpful articles by clicking on the "Help" section.